Ensure Safe Transport of Hazardous Liquid and Gas

Columbiana, OH — Addressing the need for safe and secure transport of hazardous liquid and gas, Columbiana Boiler Company manufactures two lines of specialized U.S. DOT containers, both approved as multi-unit tank car tanks under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), as listed in 49 CFR 172.101.

106A Series
U.S. DOT 106A series containers are approved for transport of the following:

  • Class 2 gases including PIH gases of Div 2.1 and Div. 2.3 (Zones B, C & D) Class 3 flammable liquids
  • Class 4 pyrophoric (dangerous when wet) materials
  • Class 6 toxic or infectious liquids
  • Commodities such as Chlorine, Ammonia, Refrigerants, Dinitrogen Tetroxide, etc.

CBC 106A500X is the only container under the U.S. CFR approved for transportation of Chlorine. Featuring a new CBC design, the 106A500W is manufactured under Special Permit issued by the U.S. DOT due to the “W” style complying with ASME Code requirements.

The 106A horizontal tank series is equipped with inverted-heads, an exclusive safety-engineered feature activated in cases of over pressurization, resulting in the heads reversing (becoming convex). This feature not only provides an immediate visual indication of over pressurization but also allows for the additional capacity to reduce the pressure, thereby giving valuable time for safety or corrective action.

The 106A tank series meets the IMDG Code for international acceptance (CA 1996070013), and is approved for transportation of CL2 at 2,000 lbs. at a 125% filling density. The 106A500X model has a service range of -20 to 140°F (-28.9 to 60°C) and the 106A500W model is rated for -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C) service.

110A Series
CBC 110 Series containers are designed for transportation of chlorine and refrigerant gases and other aggressive gases and liquids, including:

  • Class 2 gases including PIH gases of Div. 2.3 (zones B, C & D)
  • Most class 3 flammable liquids
  • Class 4 pyrophoric (dangerous when wet) materials
  • Class 6 toxic or infectious liquids
  • Class 8 corrosive liquids (stainless tanks only)
  • Commodities such as refrigerant, fire-extinguishing gases, etc.

The series includes CBC models 110A500W, 110A800W and 110A1000W (approved containers under the U.S. CFR) and the 110A2000W (authorized by the U.S. DOT under a Special Permit). The 110A tank series is approved for the IMDG Code for international acceptance (CA 1996070013) as a horizontal drum or pressure vessel. The tanks have a service temperature range from -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C).

Container Accessories and Safety Products

Columbiana Boiler Company offers a full assortment of safety items, spare parts and accessories for its 106A and 110A DOT tanks. These include emergency kits, training end, recovery vessel, transports skids, spare parts and accessories.

About Columbiana Boiler Company (CBC)
CBC is headquartered in Columbiana, Ohio, USA, and manufactures galvanizing kettles and related products for the continuous strip and hot-dip galvanizing industries. Columbiana Boiler Company also manufactures specialty horizontal and vertical cylinders, tanks and DOT and ASME pressure vessels to transport pressurized gases and liquids, up to 2,000 psi in various capacities. CBC also has the engineering and manufacturing resources to custom design and fabricate heavy-plate products of all types. For more information visit