For Safe Transport of Hazardous Liquids and Gases

A new video about D.O.T. Ton Containers from Columbiana Boiler Company (CBC) demonstrates CBC’s capability as a designer and manufacturer of pressure vessels to safely transport liquid and gas commodities in various hazard classes. In fact, CBC is the only U.S. Department of Transportation authorized manufacturer of DOT 106A and DOT 110A style containers in the United States. These containers are tested to rigorous standards including D.O.T., Transport Canada, A.S.M.E., and third-party inspections.

CBC ton containers are designed to safely contain and transport most Class 2 gasses. These include poisons-by-inhalation gasses of Division 2.3, zones B, C and D, such as chlorine, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and di-nitrogen tetroxide. They are also approved for most Class 3 flammable liquids, Class 4 pyrophoric “dangerous when wet” materials and Class 6 toxic/infectious liquids.

As a member of the Chlorine Institute, CBC is a manufacturer also of Custom ASME and Department of Transportation DOT Special Permit Portable Vessels to conform to U.S. Department of Transportation, Transport Canada and IMDG codes. These products range from stainless steel 4BW vertical cylinders to IBC intermediate bulk containers to horizontal ASME tanks to transport high-purity rocket propellants for the commercial and defense satellite industry.

The company sells its products worldwide, with customers in Europe, North America, Central & South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

CBC also manufactures training ends for hands-on practice for fire departments and other hazardous materials teams and skids for lifting, transporting and storing the DOT 106A and DOT 110A style tanks.

About Columbiana Boiler Company (CBC)

CBC is headquartered in Columbiana, Ohio, USA, and is a manufacturer of galvanizing kettles and related products for the continuous strip and hot-dip galvanizing industries. Columbiana Boiler Company also is a manufacturer of specialty horizontal and vertical cylinders, tanks and DOT and ASME pressure vessels to transport pressurized gases and liquids, up to 2,000 psi in various capacities. CBC has the engineering and manufacturing resources to custom design and fabricate heavy-plate products of all types. For more information, visit