Custom and Turnkey Solutions

Columbiana, OH — Columbiana Boiler Company (CBC) offers three categories of specialty cylinders for customers requiring custom non-DOT (Special Permit) Specification Cylinders (Portable Vessels): 4BW Vertical Cylinders, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and Horizontal ASME Tanks.

The company’s engineering and regulatory skills provide a turnkey conceptual design to fabrication project, with a process that encompasses all stages, from concepts and designs to engineering, CAD drawings, final designs, manufacturing and sale. This results in pressure transport packages that that meet exact specifications of the customer while conforming to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Transport Canada (TC) and European regulations.

4BW Vertical Cylinders – For Aggressive Class 2 or Class 6 Gases and Liquids

CBC’s range of stainless steel 4BW cylinders are designed to handle the most aggressive gases and liquids under Class 2 (Div. 2.3) or Class 6 (Div. 6.1) poisonous-by-inhalation (PIH) commodities without any of the restrictions imposed upon other transportation packages under DOT-SP 11580 (use of stainless steel instead of carbon steel).

These cylinders have been approved by the U.S. DOT for the critical transportation needs of hypergolic fuels used as rocket propellant, and can be approved up to UN1A1/X2.0/3440 as performance-based packaging for liquids, as authorized by the IMDG Code for international sea transport (IMDG# 2010020015).

For PIH in Zone A materials, CBC cylinders do not require overpacks (double-drumming), while for PIH in Zone B materials, CBC cylinders do not require shipment in dedicated vehicles or freight containers. For both classifications, CBC cylinders can be sized for a capacity of up to 119 uswg (450 liter), which is more than double the 58 uswg (220 liter) authorized for UN-approved drums according to U.S. DOT regulations.

CBC cylinders offer customization in terms of capacity, design pressure and outside diameter, with additional options including fork-lift pockets and/or lifting slots, secondary containment to the valving, up to 58 psig (4 bar).

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)—Portable Tanks for Gases and Liquids up to 800 uswg

CBC intermediate bulk containers (IBC), vertical drums or portable tanks are used to transport dangerous liquids and gases, such as corrosive and poisonous-by-inhalation (PIH) liquids and compressed gases, including:

  • Class 2 gases
  • Class 3 flammable liquids
  • Class 4 pyrophoric/dangerous when wet materials
  • Class 6 toxic/infectious liquids
  • Class 8 corrosive liquids

These high-integrity intermediate bulk containers are also used for less dangerous products such as materials with very strong odors, where maximum product retention is desired to avoid environmental problems.

The IBC line can be manufactured to meet custom specifications, with a range of options for capacity and design pressure and material choice of stainless or carbon steel. Additional options include protective or structural frames, stacking capabilities, 2 or 4 way entry forklift pockets, a twist lock tie-down capability, interior polish or linings and more to fit transportation requirements.

For international transportation needs, the IBC line can be certified as ASME, Sec. VIII, Div. I design codes (CODAP, AD-Merkblatter and BS5500 available) for international approvals under U.S. DOT (49 CFR), IMO (IMDG Code) RID/ADR, Customs/TIR.

Horizontal ASME Tanks—For Rocket Propellant and Other Sophisticated Chemicals

CBC meets the fuel-transport needs of the commercial and defense satellite industry with its horizontal ASME tanks, designed to transport high-purity rocket propellants for the commercial and defense satellite industry. As a primary contractor to both commercial and government aerospace and satellite contracts, CBC has the resources to design and build the most sophisticated chemical transportation containers.

One of the company’s most successful projects has been the design and build of 700-gallon horizontal ASME tanks to transport rocket propellants, designed to meet a very strict purity specification that satisfies both commercial and government customer requirements.

ASME tanks are manufactured under a U.S. DOT Special Permit authorizing a custom portable tank under the UN T50 standard to transport commodities under Class 2.3, Class 3, Class 6.1 and Class 8 hazard class and with the appropriate Competent Authorize authorization, allowing for international shipments with multiple load/un-loads.

About Columbiana Boiler Company (CBC)
CBC is headquartered in Columbiana, Ohio, USA, and manufactures galvanizing kettles and related products for the continuous strip and hot-dip galvanizing industries. Columbiana Boiler Company also manufactures specialty horizontal and vertical cylinders, tanks and DOT and ASME pressure vessels to transport pressurized gases and liquids, up to 2,000 psi in various capacities. CBC also has the engineering and manufacturing resources to custom design and fabricate heavy-plate products of all types. For more information visit